Welcome to Jo-Lea Automotive Center

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Welcome To Jo-Lea Automotive Center

Back in 1776, Peekskill served as the Continental Army’s base camp for the Hudson Valley. Its headquarters were located right here on Main Street. Peekskill played a vital part of many early developments. It started as a small Dutch- style village and grew into a prosperous factory city. Many of the businesses and buildings are still here today. City Hall, the Elks Lodge, Peekskill Train Station, Uriah Hill School and Oakside School are just a few. One that we are especially proud of is the Finch Foundry, which was founded in 1878. Since 1962, within the walls of this building, the experienced staff at Jo-Lea Auto Center continues to show craftsmanship and pride so that we can continue to provide quality service to our customers.

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